For the first forum around Information Governance, May 5, 2011 , IBM invited me to make a plenary presentation to introduce the information governance. This forum will be a place for exchange and sharing of best practices of companies like Casino Technology,  OSEO, RATP, Ricoh, SMA BTP around the expertise of IBM, Azlan, Business & Decision, Cap Gemini and Micropole.

As part of my production, I thought it might be nice (and necessary) to build a patchwork of the ecosystem around information governance. Not easy! but over the construction of the slide, I saw that a YinYang appear naturally, funny, and it motivated me to share this point of view with you, and give you an excerpt from the presentation « in prime »

You must begin to know, about the explosive growth of information, and information governance becoming a critical issue for organizations (public or private). In this context, many organizations have adopted new practices (procedures, departments dedicated tools …) to control their information assets by identifying risks and sensitivity associated with information management.

You hear a lot about evidence, CNIL (Europe and France), Record Management, Master Class, a repository of requirements, conservation plan, E-Discovery, loss of information, security breach, loss of control around information, …   Sometimes I think:  Let us therefore complexing our miseries, let’s go forward, advance, let’s be visionary, moving towards anything that can help us grow. … The Information Governance is also a very good responds for that.

If you doubt it, honestly you think you can master the few xxx 000 000 000 000 000 bytes of information that we will have to manage in a few years …   Ok, the party Yin (red and gray on the diagram) around information governance is somewhat necessary. But to what extent the party Yang (Blue and Green) would not be equally interesting to see …and eventual a priority in terms of investment?

3org - Yin et Yang - Ecosystème de la gouvernance de l'information

In fact, we should be starting to see all this mass of information as a tremendous opportunity for growth and innovation. Did you heard of Red and Ocean Blue Ocean ,   Same, in a visionary mode, you have probably heard of Linked Data ( Berners-Lee ), and in terms of revolution the concept of  Intelligent Autonomous Information (IAI) , are probably the paths of the future that will bring their lots opportunities.

So should not we try to balance the Yin and Yang of information governance and for example develop anything that can allow us to open ourselves, to develop and evolve, such as generalization of social network forms and all their business model ?